Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is the process of tapping into the healing powers of our imagination.  Dr. Jeanne Achterberg, defined  “imagery,” as:

“The thought process that invokes the senses: vision, audition, smell, taste, the sense of movement, position, and touch. It is the communication mechanism between perception, emotion, and bodily change.  A major cause of both health and sickness, the image is the world’s greatest healing resource. Imagery, or the stuff of the imagination, affects the body intimately on both seemingly mundane and profound levels” (Imagery and Healing: Shamanism and Modern Medicine, p. 3 – Jeanne Achterberg, 1985)

Through a series of relaxation techniques and utilizing our imagination to visualize calm and peaceful images, Guided Imagery can help us reach into the deepest layers of our consciousness.   It has the potential to relieve and release stress, to elicit relaxation, decrease and alleviate physical and emotional pain, and to provide our bodies and minds with a greater ability to heal. Working  with imagery can allow us to find meaning in suffering and to live in the present moment. Guided Imagery is now embraced by many mainstream venues. Currently, with more advanced technology particularly in the realm of neuroscience, guided imagery touches virtually all modalities in healthcare, personal growth, and creativity



Darlene is a member of Imagery International. For more information on this organization click here.