History of BodyTalk System

The International BodyTalk Association was founded by Dr. John Veltheim, a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist, philosopher, Rieki Master, lecturer, teacher and founder of the BodyTalk System. Originally from Australia, John ran a very successful clinic in Brisbane for 15 years, He was also the Principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for 5 years.  His extensive post graduate studies include applied kinesiology, bio-energetic psychology, osteopathy, sports medicine, counselling, comparative philosophy and theology.

Darlene with Dr. John Veltheim, founder of the BodyTalk System.

In 1998, John moved to Sarasota, Florida to further his practice and research of BodyTalk. Soon he gegan to teach the BodyTalk System to professionals as well as lay people.  When word spread about the successes of this new healthcare system, he took on the task of training other instructors so that the BodyTalk System could be taught worldwide.  First developed in the 1990’s, there are now over 250 instructors teaching in over 45 countries with translation of training materials into 10 languages.

Today, Dr. Velthiem travels the world, teaching classes in BodyTalk and its related wellness programs.  He continues to mentor and train a network of instructors to ensure this new healthcare system can be taught worldwide.

The BodyTalk System is continuously evolving through research by Dr. Velthiem and the academic committee of the IBA.