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We are constantly searching for answers to our chronic health conditions, looking for ways in which to cope with our skyrocketing stress and anxiety levels, or seeking out ways in which to gain greater vitality, energy, and zest for life. The answer has been sitting there right in front of us. It’s the food we eat.

Taking charge of your health in a new way and being open to a new idea about food and health will challenge everything you think you know about health and nutrition.  You will be introduced to a concept called Nutritional Ketosis.

Nutritional ketosis, is when your body burns fat for fuel rather than sugar.  This approach to improving your health is achieved by eating a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet.

For the last 30 years we have been told that a healthy diet consists of restricting dietary fat and eating lots of carbohydrates, especially healthy whole grains.  We have followed the rulebook but the rulebook has been wrong, and instead of gaining better health, sustained weight loss and more energy, we have gotten sicker, more tired and fatter.  The truth is that, as has been proven by many medical studies and science, that eating more fats and less carbohydrates can help us lose weight, improve our mental focus, increase our energy, stabilize our blood sugar, balance our hormones and much more.

There is no weighing and measuring food, no counting calories, no counting grams of protein, fats and carbs, no weighing yourself on a daily basis or rigidly following a certain set of rules.  Instead, it allows you the freedom and flexibility to do what feels right for you, your body and your health.

With strategies for success and recipes for whole, nutritious foods that you can easily prepare, you can end your obsession with food, end your cravings, and dietary restrictions.  You will be eating delicious, whole food meals.  You can and will get the weight loss and health you want without self-loathing, white-knuckling your food choices, or guilt.

During the Make the Switch Program you will learn:

  1.  Why Diets Don’t Work And What Does Work, Long-Term
  2.  Body Movement Strategies To Maximize Results
  3.  Why It’s Not Just About Food And Body Movement
  4.  Mindful Eating And Portion Control
  5.  Understanding And Conquering Cravings
  6.  Menu-Planning and Recipes For Success
  7.  Stress Reduction And Self-Care
  8.  Supercharged Goal Setting
  9.  Mindset And Habits For Powerful Change
  10. Fueling Your Body For Great Results
  11.  Boosting Your Energy
  12.  Deciphering Food Labels Made Easy

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