A BodyTalk Session

A BodyTalk Session is Tailored to You

A BodyTalk session usually lasts between 15 and 60 minutes.  The length of a session is in no way indicative of the quality of the session or the results that occur.  Because the client’s own body wisdom is dictating the session, the client is assured of receiving exactly what they need at that particular time for the communication linking and balancing to occur.

During this time, the client is usually laying on a massage table, fully clothed and comfortable, being kept informed of what is being done and is involved in the process of the “tapping out”.  The body wisdom of the client will dictate when the session is complete and establish a time when the client needs to come in for a follow-up session.

Click here to view a short video demonstration of a BodyTalk treatment

Background and Communication

The BodyTalk Practitioner and client often begin by discussing the client’s health and any other related issues that the client wishes to have addressed.  Then, the client relaxes on the massage table while the practitioner, positioned at their side, uses the client’s arm for neuromuscular biofeedback.  This biofeedback is used to establish a yes/no communication between practitioner and client.

Destinations and Details

The practitioner uses the BodyTalk Protocol Chart to establish the priorities.  Once a priority item is revealed, the practitioner asks for any additional details that are pertinent.  The BodyTalk practitioner will link these items in the sequence indicated, constructing the formula needed to reestablish optimum communication in the bodymind.

Tapping to Synchronize and Balance

Once all the information is gathered, and the formula is confirmed as the priority, the practitioner lightly taps on the client’s head and the sternum to facilitate the healing process.  This process anchors the balance.  Now the body can begin its healing process.


Sessions can be done either In-Person or through a Distance Healing Session.

Distance Healing Session  

Distance sessions are often chosen due to personal preference, travel distances, lack of transportation or physical limitations.  You can receive all the benefits of a BodyTalk session in the comfort of your home or work place.

You may choose to connect by phone or Skype during the session to actively participate. Or you may choose to relax or even sleep during the session without direct communication with the practitioner.  The results can then be recorded and emailed to you

BodyTalk, like many energy modalities, can be practiced at a distance.  Quantum Theory supports that the action of an observer on a distant particle does not diminish with distance, once a correlation is established between the two points.  We are able to establish a relationship with you wherever you are located.  Many times, distance sessions can be more effective than in-person sessions.  Without the distraction of the physical body, we more easily address the subtle energetic body for deeper healing.