Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch was developed in the early 1970’s by Dr. Delores Krieger, PhD., R.N., a nursing professor at New York University, and Dora Kunz, a natural healer. Therapeutic Touch now has a thirty years history of research and practice.  It is currently being used in many healthcare facilities around the world and is being taught not only to health care professionals but to members of the general public as well.










The major benefits of Therapeutic Touch are:

  • elicitation of the relaxation response within 2 – 4 minutes
  • reduction of pain
  • increase in healing
  • enhancement of the immune response
  • elevation of hemoglobin
  • has been found to be particularly helpful in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • supports, stimulates, and enhances the body’s natural healing ability

What to expect at a Therapeutic Touch Session

A Therapeutic Touch session is given while sitting comfortably in a chair or laying, fully clothed, face up on a massage table. The practitioner will take a few moments to centre themselves. This assists them in becoming more acutely aware of the present moment and therefore more open to input from the client’s energy field.  Then, while holding their hands 2 – 4 inches from the body, the energy field will be assessed.  With hands still 2 – 4 inches off the body, the energy field will be smooth out or unruffled, concentrating on any areas of disruption or imbalance.  The energy flow is then redirected and rebalanced to promote a smooth flow throughout the body from head to toe, and then out into the ground.  This stabilizes and centres the energy flow.  Thus the body’s natural tendency toward wholeness and wellness is encouraged and supported.  A reassessment of the energy field of the body is then completed.

Although actual physical touching is not necessary during the session, the practitioner may, with your permission, touch your shoulders, hands, knees and/or feet. Following the session, a rest period is encouraged.

A Therapeutic Touch session generally lasts from 10 -20 minutes.


Darlene is a member of the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network.

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