Thoughts on Mother’s Day

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My Thoughts on Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day can bring a mixture of emotions.
I had no idea how challenging Mother’s Day could be until my mother died. Most of my life it was just a day where our family did something nice for our mother. Since her death and after working with men and women who have complicated and non-existent relationships with their mothers, I realize just how much emotion this holiday can bring.
My first thought is that a mother is not just a woman who gives birth to a child. A mother is a woman who creates, nurtures, encourages and protects. Not everyone had or has that. Then there are the women who did not give birth to us but who have nurtured us, encouraged us, been there for us and pushed us to be our best selves.
Whether your mother is living or dead, available or unavailable, distant or over-bearing, there are always things we wish were different, better or had been more. All relationships are complicated and have challenges. That is just life. Embrace and celebrate what you are grateful for.
My other thought about Mother’s Day is about motherhood itself. Mother’s Day can also bring up feelings for women who want or wanted to be mothers but could not, who were mothers but lost their children, or for mothers whose children are no longer in their lives.
If you know a mother, yours or someone else’s, who you think is doing a great job, let them know. If you are a mother, be kind to yourself, it is the hardest job in the world.
Whether this day is a day of celebration or a challenge, be compassionate to yourself and others.
Happy Mother’s Day.